Heatwave puts Isle services under pressure

Dr Richard Falk
Dr Richard Falk

The recent heatwave has led to increased reports of grass fires, health issues and problems with water supplies in the Isle of Axholme, authorities have revealed.

Health chiefs, emergency services and water board officials all gave updates on how the unusually high temperatures, which hit around 30 degrees celsius, have affected people in the area.

North Lincolnshire Council urged residents to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm after the Government declared a level two heatwave had hit Yorkshire and the Humber.

Dr Richard Falk revealed there had been an increase in the number of patients attending The Surgery in Epworth with heat related health problems.

He said there had been “probably 20 plus cases last week alone” with people facing symptoms including “fatigue and increased breathlessness” along with “dehydration, and worsening of angina and asthma.”

Meanwhile, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service urged Isle residents to take extra care not to start grass fires after a patch of land went up in flames on Belton Road, Sandtoft last Wednesday.

A fire spokesman said: “In a continuing dry spell grass becomes drier and ‘straw-like’ allowing it to ignite much more easily. A carelessly discarded cigarette or a spark from a barbecue can easily start a grass fire that escalates quickly.”

Residents are advised to dispose of smoking materials properly and make sure they are completely extinguished.

Humberside Police also warned people about the dangers of swimming in open water.

Sergeant Howard Garlick said: “It is often not possible to gauge the depths of the water or currents and they can also be very cold, in stark contrast to the high air and body temperatures.”

Severn Trent Water reported a 40 per cent increase in the number of calls from residents’ complaining about low water pressure.

Paul Baldwyn, customer service centre manager, said: “We’ve seen nearly double the amount of calls that we would normally see at this time of year.”