Wear it Pink in the Isle, urges Council

Cancer Research pink ribbon logo
Cancer Research pink ribbon logo

Isle folk are encouraged to take on a rosy hue for Wear It Pink Day this Friday, by North Lincolnshire Council.

The Council urges everyone to show support and help to raise awareness of breast cancer, by putting on the pink in any way possible.

October is the national breast cancer awareness month and Wear it Pink Day aims to raise money for breast cancer research, with participants each donating £2 to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

A North Lincolnshire Council spokesperson, said: “It is important that we continue to raise awareness to help save as many lives as possible. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. We don’t really know what causes breast cancer but some factors increase the likelihood of you developing it, such as age and a family history of breast cancer. We need to work together to fight breast cancer.”

There are five simple steps you should follow to be breast aware – remember touch, look and check. You should:

1. Know what is normal for you

2. Look at and feel your breasts (upper chest to your collarbone and armpits)

3. Know what changes to look for:

Can you feel a lump (either in the breast, upper chest or armpits)? Is there unusual thickening of the breast tissue?

Is there any pain (either in part of the breast or armpit)?

Is there any change in size or shape (for example, one breast might become larger or lower than the other)?

Has there been any change in skin texture (such as puckering or dimpling)?

Have you seen a change in colour (the breast might look red or inflamed)?

Has there been a change in the nipple (for example, one might become inverted when it normally points out)?

Is there any unusual discharge, rash or crusting of the nipple or of surrounding area?

4. Report any changes without delay to your GP

5. Attend for breast cancer screening if aged 47 or over

For more details about cancer research visit the Cancer Research UK website (www.cancerresearchuk.org/home/?gclid=CKu6iJrOrLoCFbLJtAodEgcA9g).