Tips on staying healthy and illness free this winter

Councillor Rob Waltham
Councillor Rob Waltham

North Lincolnshire Council’s Public Health team is issuing a series of health messages to help you stay safe and well during the winter months.

In this latest message, they are providing free tips and advice that can be applied to everyone this season to help them remain healthy and illness free.

The tips cover a whole range of things including how to avoid colds, maintaining a healthy weight, the importance of exercise, and ensuring people get their flu vaccine.

More details can be found on the council’s website at

Councillor Rob Waltham, chair of the North Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “Staying healthy over the winter months can be a challenge for anyone, but the importance of keeping healthy is paramount for those that manage a long term condition or have a lowered or weakened immune system such as young children, pregnant women and the elderly. Over the winter months, we will be giving you some handy tips and advice to help you stay warm, safe and well this winter.

“There are lots of simple steps people can take to improve their health and wellbeing. For instance, if you suffer with a respiratory condition, keeping healthy is more important than ever. Therefore, practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands often, sanitising between washes, quitting smoking, caring for teeth and gums, getting the flu vaccine, and following our tips will all contribute towards maintaining a viral or infection free winter.

“Staying active, where possible, is a must. There are so many positive benefits from taking regular exercise. Eating well is also important, particularly when you are not feeling well; your body needs important nutrients to help it recover. It is common sense really. If you look after yourself, take regular exercise and eat healthy and regular meals, you are well on your way to leading a more healthy lifestyle. But this shouldn’t just be adopted during the winter, it w=should be followed all year round, so you maintain that feeling of wellness.

“We want to help you remain illness free so you can enjoy the festive season, so give our health tips a go and see the benefits for yourself.”