Objections raised at plans to sell-off South Yorkshire Probation Service

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NEWS: News.

Probation workers in South Yorkshire are campaigning against plans to sell off the Probation Service.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling put the service up for sale last week, with contracts worth £450 million up for grabs.

NAPO, which represents probation workers, had members handing out leaflets outside Sheffield and Barnsley town halls last Thursday.

Member Sharon Price said: “Although the Government has stated that high risk offenders will still be managed by the Probation Service, 80 per cent of further serious offences are committed by individuals thought at the time to be low or medium risk of causing serious harm to the public. 

“It is the management of these offenders that is of concern to us as the Government is planning on outsourcing this work to private security firms who are not trained to the same standard as qualified probation officers.

“These changes to our profession will put the public at risk, they will put the people of South Yorkshire at risk.”

Next March, 35 local Probation Trusts will be closed down and replaced by a single centrally-run public sector service, that will account for 30 per cent of probation work, supervising high and very high risk offenders.

They will have fewer local offices and staff.

The remainder of the work will be moved into 21 ‘community rehabilitation companies’ also Government owned and centrally run.

After six months they will be sold off.