MP’s anger as cost of NHS reform up a whopping 14 fold

MP Caroline Flint
MP Caroline Flint

NHS redundancies in Doncaster will cost more than £3 million - more than a 14 fold increase on original estimates.

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint has received a letter from health secretary Andrew Lansbury in which he says payments to staff being laid off by Doncaster Primary Care Trust will not total £3.3 million and not the £251,000 he stated in December.

A furious Ms Flint said: “These two figures are worlds apart and only now are we beginning to get the truth about the cost of this wasteful NHS shake-up.

“Millions of pounds that could have been spent on treating patients is paying for redundancies for a reorganisation nobody voted for.”

The PCT made 105 people redundant at an average cost of £29,000 each. But 24 of them cost over £40,000 each.

Ms Flint says the figures show the NHS has lost 285 staff through redundancies. She believes if the Government stopped the reorganisation even at now it would save the NHS ‘a fortune’.

The lay-offs are part of the Government’s Health and Social Care Bill which aims to give greater powers to GPs.

The Department for Health said the original figure of £251,000 was supplied from NHS bosses in Doncaster.

A spokesman added the plans would save £3.2 billion over the term of this Parliament and then £1.5 billion annually from 2014/15.