MEP raises profile of heart disease

YORKSHIRE and Humber Labour MEP Linda McAvan has vowed to take the battle against heart disease and strokes into the European Parliament.

Cardiovascular diseases are still the biggest cause of death in the region and Ms McAvan is campaigning to ensure MEPs do all they can do reduce the causes of heart disease.

Yorkshire and the Humber has the biggest percentage of smokers in Britain and a higher than normal percentage of people suffering from obesity, making the region particularly susceptible to high numbers of cardiovascular disease sufferers.

Ms McAvan said: “Cardiovascular disease causes thousands upon thousands of deaths in Yorkshire and the Humber every single year.

“What is particularly shocking is the level of health inequality in our region, with adults and children in our cities less healthy than the English average.

“Often many of these diseases are preventable.

“In the European Parliament we are demanding that more money is invested in prevention rather than simply reacting to ill health.

“I am determined to keep pressuring the EU into investigating methods that reduce the levels of preventable illnesses and death from cardiovascular diseases.”