High blood pressure ’ticking time bombs’ in Dearne Valley

British Heart Foundation logo.
British Heart Foundation logo.

Thousands of Dearne residents are ‘ticking time bombs’ unaware they have high blood pressure.

Public Health England has released statistics that show more than 145, 000 people across South Yorkshire are sufferers as part on an action plan to spot more cases of hypertension, which produces no symptoms, but can trigger heart attacks and strokes.

The organisation says billions of pounds are spent by the NHS on treating patients unaware they have the condition.

In Doncaster 33,910 people are estimated to have undiagnosed high blood pressure.

There are a further 26,450 in Rotherham and 24,320 in Barnsley.

Nationwide, about seven million people are unaware they have high blood pressure, increasing their risk of a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke.

Prof Peter Weissberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation, said: “High blood pressure produces no symptoms until it causes a heart attack or a stroke, yet it is easily detectable and easily treated.

“Despite this there are millions of people walking around with this ticking time bomb, unaware that they are at increased risk of a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke.”

He added: “It is simply unacceptable that so many avoidable heart attacks and strokes are occurring when the solution is so simple.

“The British Heart Foundation is strongly behind Public Health England’s new action plan.

“By identifying people with high blood pressure and treating them we will have an enormous impact on the future health of our nation.”

Rotherham has been designated as a ‘Heart Town’ that has seen Rotherham Council team up with the BHF to deliver a range of projects aimed at boosting residents’ heart health.

Visit http://bumsoffseats.com/health/rotherham-heart-town.htm for more information about awareness raising schemes.