Grandmother says hospital ‘errors’ contributed to premature death of girl, 2

Tracy Norton with granddaughter Lexie Harrison
Tracy Norton with granddaughter Lexie Harrison

A gran believes a series of errors in the care of her disabled granddaughter contributed to her premature death.

Lexie Harrison suffered from Zellweger spectrum disorder – a rare condition which left her blind and hearing-impaired.

She was not expected to live past her first birthday.

But she went on to live until she was two-and-a-half before her death in June 2013, after complications while in hospital.

Giving evidence to Lexie’s inquest in Wakefield, yesterday, her grandmother Tracy Norton, from Walkeringham, near Doncaster, said that despite numerous attempts to raise concerns with hospital staff, Lexie was not given proper care and medication.

The inquest heard Lexie had started suffering liver disease and seizures and was admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to undergo a routine procedure.

But complications with the operation on May 30, 2013, resulted in her suffering major internal bleeding.

She was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary the next day for specialist care.

Mrs Norton said during her stay in Leeds, Lexie was sometimes given food, before other staff would say she should not be eating.

The family were told it was not thought Lexie would suffer internal bleeding again and her main problems concerned her liver.

However, her condition deteriorated and Lexie died on June 18.

Dr Michael Thompson, of Sheffield Children’s Hospital, said, on the balance of probability, Lexie’s bleed was due to the unsuccessful procedure in Sheffield.

Consultant paediatric pathologist Dr David O’Neill said Lexie died from Refsum disease – part of the Zellweger spectrum – and liver failure.

The inquest continues.