Doncaster GPs ask patients to help plan health services

Nick Tupper
Nick Tupper

Doncaster’s GPs have launched an on-line survey to ask the borough’s patients a number of key questions that will help them to plan next year’s NHS services.

Dr Nick Tupper, Chair of NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the GP-led organisation that’s now responsible for organising and paying for health services for around 300,000 patients who are registered with a Doncaster-based family doctor practice, said the responses will help to determine how the area’s £415 million NHS budget is spent in 2014/15.

Dr Tupper said: “We have identified a number of priority areas for Doncaster, including detecting and treating cancer, children’s services and diagnosing and caring for people with dementia and we want to test out if local people agree with us or if they have other thoughts and ideas.

“The survey is open until Monday 9 September, 2013 and the responses will be used to inform a planning event we’re running a few days later involving local GPs, healthcare professionals and other interested people and organisations.

“We’ll then make public our proposals as part of a first-of-its-kind discussion event on Friday 25 October, 2013, called Your Doncaster, Your Say, that will involve a range of public services getting together to talk to people across the borough at different community settings.

“I hope people will spare a few minutes to complete the survey, which will really help us to take into account what’s important to them as we make some crucial decisions.”

You can complete the questionnaire by going to: Survey Monkey