Doncaster deaths set to reach a peak

Lung cancer sufferer John Gilmartin of Wheatley.
Lung cancer sufferer John Gilmartin of Wheatley.

New statistics revealed by the Health and Safety Executive show that the continuing growth in Mesothelioma deaths is approaching its peak across the country.

And the growing trend is no different in Doncaster, where there is also an increasing number of asbestos lung related cancers.

Between 2012-13 there were a total of 2,535 deaths due to Mesothelioma in the UK, of which 2,126 were male and 409 were female.

The statistics show that men aged 75 and over are at the highest risk of developing the condition. However the range of affected persons can still be found in those much younger.

The figures show that men working in the construction and allied trades are those most likely to develop asbestos disease because of the wide range of use of asbestos insulating materials.

Wheatley resident John Gilmartin was diagnosed with lung cancer this year after a long time working in heavy industries such as at Thorpe Marsh power station.

The 69-year-old of Gifford Street suspects asbestos has played a part as his doctors have found asbestos damage in his lungs.

He said: “These figures reflect only too well my own experience and that of many other men I have worked with over the years who have succumbed to these awful asbestos diseases.

“We knew nothing of the dangers of asbestos but we are suffering for it now.”

Senior asbestos solicitor Howard Bonnett said: “These figures clearly show it is unlikely there will be any great reduction in the numbers of asbestos victims in the Doncaster area for the next few years. We can only wait and hope for this terrible legacy to shrink over the years.”