Dedicated area for pregnant women at Scunthorpe Hospital

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Mums across the Isle will benefit as work starts next week to create a new dedicated antenatal assessment area at Scunthorpe Hospital.

Work on the antenatal triage assessment area for pregnant women will start on Monday, September 8, and it will enable women who are experiencing problems with their pregnancy to attend ward 26 and be seen by a midwife. At the moment women are seen on ward 26 but in the open ward area.

Associate medical director for women and children/consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Mr Lawrence Roberts, said: “Women will be seen in the new triage assessment area by an assigned midwife. They will assess whether the woman who attends needs admitting to the ward or whether they can be given advice and sent home.

“This is great news for our patients as it will ensure only those women who really need to be admitted to the ward for possible treatment or close monitoring will be. It also ensures we provide appropriate advice and care for those women who have concerns about their pregnancy but don’t need to stay in hospital.”

Work to create the new area, which will cost in the region of £35,000, should be finished by the end of September. A dedicated triage room will be created with en-suite bathroom facilities providing a private, spacious, comfortable and relaxing environment for people.