Harry Hill impersonator gets first television role

Harry Hill impersonator Craig Wilcock, of Crookes, Sheffield.
Harry Hill impersonator Craig Wilcock, of Crookes, Sheffield.

A Harry Hill lookalike from Sheffield is to appear on a television program alongside doppelgangers from across the country.

Craig Wilcock, aged 43, of Crookes, will feature in Channel 4 comedy ‘Lookalikes’, which follows the antics of one of Britain’s biggest lookalikes agency of the same name based in Eastbourne, which run by David Beckham impersonator Andy Harmer.

The storyline of the episode, which airs this Friday, is being kept under-wraps, but Craig has revealed that it will begin with Victoria Beckham impersonator Camilla Shadbolt deciding to raise some money for the elderly by making a Lookalikes nude charity calendar.

Craig, who has been working as a Harry Hill lookalike and also with the Lookalies agency for three years, said: “I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. I am a bit nervous but at the same time I’m also excited.

“People will have different opinions which is natural. Let’s just see what happens.”

Craig said he has his family to thank for his success, they encouraged him to take his celebrity-esque act professional after being continually approached by people who told him he had an uncanny resemblance to the comedian.

“People used to stop me in the street about six years ago, telling me ‘hey you look like harry hill’ and then take pictures of me. I thought really?

“I never thought anything of it until my friends and family pushed me to become a lookalike. If it wasn’t for them, then I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

He added that he is often stopped in the street by Harry Hill fans who think he is the star.

“Most weekends when am out and about people stop me. Normally at night time when people are sometimes a little worse for wear.

“I’ve had loads of people taking pictures of me. Sometimes it’s when people are in a group, like when I bump into hen do or stag do parties. They are always wanting to wear my glasses, I don’t know why. I find it a bit of fun.

The painter and decorator insists that he does not always try to look like Harry Hill, and is happy just being himself.

“I just have a bald head and wear glasses so it’s my natural look. Sometimes I wish I could just be myself, but it’s part of my life now and it’s what I do so I don’t mind.”

Lookalikes is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Friday April 22.