Harley Santas cheer youngsters in Doncaster hospital

St Leger Chapter distribute gifts
St Leger Chapter distribute gifts

The sound of a throng of Harley Davidson bikes outside his hospital window brightened up the world of one young patient from Manchester, among many others.

Youngster George was in Doncaster Royal Infirmary suffering from pneumonia when the festive bunch on Harley Davidsons, with presents to distribute, roared up outside his ward.

Mum Katie explained: “George was having a pretty miserable time and missed his first nursery nativity and also his nursery Christmas party.

“Imagine me and my husband’s surprise when a boat load of Santas appeared outside the hospital on their bikes dressed in festive get ups! As my son wasn’t allowed out he couldn’t see this but I took a picture that made him smile!

“What made George smile even more was when he was brought a lovely gift from one of the nurses! My little boy is obsessed with trains and his present was a wooden train set so he was delighted!”

She continued: “I would like to thank the bikers so very much for giving George something to smile about on a drizzly, cold day confined to an hospital room. It is so very much appreciated and a fantastic gesture.”

The St Leger Chapter of bikers make their costumed gift run as an annual Christmas tradition.