Girl, 12, injured in plunge through home’s skylight

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NEWS: News.

A schoolgirl has suffered life-changing injuries after she plunged through the roof of a derelict building near her Doncaster home.

Twelve-year-old Chanelle Craven was airlifted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital after injuring her spine when she fell about 10feet through a broken skylight at Trafalgar House in Carcroft on Sunday afternoon.

Relatives forced their way in to the unoccupied old people’s complex in Trafalgar Street before the emergency services arrived to give her first aid.

She was carried out of the building on a ‘long board’ to the waiting Yorkshire Air Ambulance which landed on the site.

It is believed Chanelle was with friends when she went to retrieve a ball from the roof of the premises, which have been empty for more than a year.

A crew from Adwick fire station were first on the scene after it is believed Chanelle summoned assistance using her mobile phone.

She told the firefighters she had fallen through a 2ft square perspex skylight, which had been previously broken.

“We believe she had fallen head first and we found her in a heap on the ground floor. Somebody had already broken down the door to get to her just before we arrived,” said Watch Manager Steve Dodds.

“She had got spinal injuries and cuts to her chin. She was fully conscious but very upset. Her mum and brother turned up.

“We kept her neck straight and asked her to stay still until the paramedics got there. When they arrived they give her morphine for her pain and we assisted getting her on the long board and carrying her to the air ambulance.

“It was probably 30 or 40 minutes before we were able to get her off to hospital.”

The state of Trafalgar House is now a cause for concern for the fire service.

“By the time we left there were about 30 kids on the site so I had a word with them to tell them what had happened and that the place isn’t a safe area for playing,” said WM Dodds. “It won’t be long before there’s a fire there so we would like to see it knocked down as soon as possible.”

Chanelle, of Rydal Road, Carcroft, was last night said to be ‘stable’.

Doncaster Council yesterday confirmed Trafalgar House is due for demolition but it has been delayed by roosting bats. In the meantime they will be tightening up security.

A spokesman said: “Trafalgar House should have been demolished during the last financial year to make way for new housing but we are unable to obtain an ecology licence at present.

“We are very concerned about this accident and are asking Natural England to issue an ecology licence so that we can get on with demolishing Trafalgar House.”