Gallery opens up as Doncaster school creates its answer to Andy Warhol and Banksy

There’s the Tate, the Guggenheim – and now there’s Bentley High Street Primary School Hall.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 9:46 am
Updated Monday, 11th February 2019, 9:52 am
Pupils with their works of art at Bentley High Street Primary School

They may not have the originals, but youngsters at the school have put together a display showing the styles of some of the best known painters in modern art.

And the works on display may not fetch millions on the open market, but to the mums and dads who have visited a temporary art gallery in the school, the works are priceless.

Pupils with their works of art at Bentley High Street Primary School

Teachers Samantha Rhodes and Beccy Headley decided the best way to teach their pupils about art was to have them exhibiting at their own public show.

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So for two days this term, the work of their pupils was put on public display for the mums and dads of the schools pupils to come and visit.

In total, the work of 470 pupils at the school has been on display

Samantha said: “We wanted to promote art through school and we really try to have a broad and balanced curriculum to celebrate all talents and abilities, not just English and maths.

“So we got them all doing work in the style of particular artists. It’s been great – the parents have said their children have gone home and told them all about the famous painters they’ve been working on.”

Youngsters created work based on artists including Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, David Hockney, Patrick Caulfield, Andy Goldsworthy and Banksy.

Samantha was pleased to see her favourite artist, Patrick Caulfield included in the styles on show. But Beccy’s favourite, Gustav Klimt, was not one of those whose work was involved.

She said she would like to include him next time.

Five-year-old Pavishna Kunrakkamaran created work in the style of David Hockney, and said she enjoyed putting leaves on the trees in her picture, and said she'd like to be an artist. Her mum came to see the gallery.

“She said my painting was awesome,” said Pavishna.

Six-year-old Lily-Rose HIckman’s mum also came into the gallery, where her daughter had created a work in the style of Andy Warhol.

Lily-Rose said her mum thought her picture was good, and thought her mum may like her to be an artist. “But I don’t want to be,” she added.  “I want to be a doctor.”