Fury erupts over Doncaster Christmas market dubbed 'Britain's worst' and 'full of tat'

Fury has erupted over a ‘shambolic’ Doncaster Christmas market event described as ‘misleading,’ ‘full of tat’ and ‘Britain’s worst’ after people travelled from across the country for a festive fayre – only to be met with a handful of stalls.

Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 6:30 am

The privately organised event, dubbed Doncaster Late Night Christmas Market, was held yesterday and promised a Santa’s grotto, hot and cold food, ‘loads of market stalls’ and fairground rides ‘located in the middle of Doncaster. ’

Angry visitors have hit out at ‘misleading’ adverts promoting the market, with dozens of people reportedly turned up in Doncaster town centre – only to find the event was being held at Parklands Sports and Social Club on Wheatley Hall Road.

And those that actually made it were left disappointed after discovering a handful of stalls, barely any food or drink and traders ‘standing in the dark on a muddy field.’

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The Doncaster late night Christmas market event was dubbed 'a load of crap' by angry visitors.

People travelled from as far afield as Bedford, Wakefield and Selby for the market, organised by Scunthorpe woman Angie Smith who it is understood rented the venue for the market.

But angry visitors have launched a blistering attack on the fayre where stall holders were reportedly charged £100 each for a stall.

One said: “We went to town - apparently loads had gone into town – very misleading.”

Another said: “It wasn't clear at all. The event states it's in the middle of Doncaster.”

The event was advertised with this picture of a string of brightly lit market stalls.

Another post on the event’s Facebook page said: “Very misleading as the original post says the centre of Doncaster. Not very well organised if your leaving it this late to notify people.”

A post advertising the event was illustrated with a photograph of dozens of brightly lit market stalls - but photos from the market show a handful of stalls strung with fairy lights. One fuming resident said there were stalls selling real fur coats for £300 as well as fake fragrances.

Others said they were led to believe the event had been officially sanctioned by Doncaster Council.

One town centre trader said they had been besieged with people looking for the market, writing: “I work in the Corn Exchange – we were fed up with people just coming in today asking for the Christmas market as the picture they put up was of the market square.”

Another added: “Why use a picture of the Christmas market that is in the town centre? False advertising much!”

Another post read: “I wish we hadn't bothered, there was about seven stalls and none which interested us. There was no food or drink stalls inside or out. Waste of time.”

“Wouldn't let her manage a p*** up in a brewery,” wrote another. “She is totally rubbish. Needs a good kick up the back side.”

Another added: “Complete rubbish false advertising don't waste your time people.”

Another fumed: “It's rubbish, just a few clothes things and fake designer bags and shoes.”

"Walked all the way from town to Parklands, only to be greeted with stalls selling goods you can buy in the shops - as for fairground rides two bouncy castles and a mini go cart track, no food or drink stalls spent all of 10 mins there,” stormed another poster.

"I come all way from Wakefield and there is literally nothing,” a post said.

"Absolute joke! We’ve driven 50 miles to come to an “outdoor Christmas market”. It didn’t match any of those words,” wrote another.

One upset visitor added: “Poor selection of stalls, food abysmal. We came all the way from Bedford after seeing your advert on Facebook. Looks like someone has falsely advertised a poor excuse for a market and made it look like its an official event.”

Another fumed: “Went with my mum it was not a Christmas market - there was nothing about Christmas there just alot of chavvy clothes very disappointing.”

“Promised my children we were going to a Christmas market with rides, sweety stalls and Santa……..what the hell, waste of my time and fuel….about four stalls and Santa sat on a stage inside club very upset children,” wrote one angry mum.

“We were there five mins. Almost in pitch black in middle of a field. Oh and Santa sat in the sports club,” added another.

“Absolutely thrilling - travelling miles for fake designer clothes and a bunch of mud on a field,” a post read while another angry resident said: “Fox fur coats, fake designer crap, tacky s**** and a bouncy castle. No food? Nowhere for a cuppa tea? What a waste of time and fuel.”

Another wrote: “Load of crap! Imagine being advertised at the wrong place then the stalls are in pitch black and sod all to do with Christmas!

"What was it? A 'Worst christmas market in the Uk' competion entry?”

However there were a few comments in support.

One read: “These comments are rude! Wasn’t my cup of tea, no food or Christmassy feeling but it was ok if you like designer gear and a chat. I got some lovely Xmas bath bombs and books for my son. Some lovely people there too.”

Another added: “Stop bitching sounds like a great publicity stunt that got you all into Doncaster and looking in the shops - will have done the town loads of good !! Besides it’s nearly Christmas find some Christmas spirit and stop being nasty.”

The Free Press has attempted to contact Mrs Smith for comment.