Fugitive Deputy Lord Mayor of Sheffield still evading capture

The fugitive Deputy Lord Mayor of Sheffield is still on the run - after evading capture from a team of specialist military and police hunters.

Friday, 26th January 2018, 1:38 pm
Updated Friday, 26th January 2018, 3:20 pm
Councillor Magid.
Councillor Magid.

Councillor Magid Magid is one of several contestants taking part in the hit Channel 4 show Hunted.

The group, which involves teams of individuals and pairs, were dropped off in Manchester city centre and tasked with remaining untraced for 25 days.

All the while they are being tracked down by an elite team of 30 hunters, drawn from some of the world’s best investigators and led by former Scotland Yard detective chief Peter Bleksley.

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Coun Magid has hardly featured in the previous three episodes, but was the main focus of last night's edition.

The programme showed that while the other contestants immediately scattered to locations across the UK, coun Magid employed a different tactic by remaining on the down low in Manchester.

It was revealed that he stayed with a friend in the city for the first couple of weeks.

He even sent cheeky pictures and messages to the hunters taunting them about how 'easy' life was on the run and described them playfully as a 'set of large tea cups'.

But life got tricky for him after he decided to move locations back to his home city of Sheffield.

Using information garnered from social media accounts, the hunters travelled to the Steel City to attend a Green Party rally in Barker's Pool believing their fugitive might be there.

However, he was hiding out at the home of a fellow Green Party member.

But the hunters were never going to let him get away that easily and they attached a tracking device onto the car owned by a friend he was staying with.

They followed the car coun Magid was travelling in down Baslow Road heading out towards the Peak District.

The episode ended with both parties playing a cat and mouse game as coun Magid was driven up and down surrounding streets attempting to evade capture.

Coun Magid, a member of the Green Party, has represented the Broomhill and Sharrow Vale ward since May 2016.

He became Deputy Lord Mayor of Sheffield in May last year around the time that filming began for the programme.