Fresh concerns at Dearne triple death lake

Trevor Coldron at Manvers Lake.
Trevor Coldron at Manvers Lake.

Water safety chiefs have issued a re-appeal for youngsters to stay out of a cold lake which has claimed the lives of three teenagers.

Waterside workers had been out on a rescue boat almost daily to get people out of the water at Manvers Lake.

Incidents have reduced since a public safety appeal was issued in the South Yorkshire Times a month ago.

But waterways chiefs have issued a re-appeal this week and urged youngsters enjoying the hot weather on their school holidays to stay out of the water.

Ray Neal, 65, of Wath, director of Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, said: “We have seen a drop in the number of people in the lake when they shouldn’t be which has been encouraging.

“But we suspect youngsters on their summer break may return because of the nice weather.

“The water may feel warm on the outskirts but it gets deep really quickly and that is where the cold water hits. Cold water causes your body to close down, you freeze up and its very difficult to swim.”

He added people who want to swim should join the boat club, which offers supervised sessions and provides life jackets and wet suits.

The warning comes after three deaths at the lake.

The most recent tragedy happened in June 2010 when Philip Law, 15, from Rawmarsh, was dragged under by currents. This followed the death of Wath’s Darren Baggley, 15, in 1997 and another youngster in 2005.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK and Yorkshire Ambulance Service also urged people to stay out of open water.