Fresh calls to tackle yob gangs plaguing Doncaster Interchange tunnels

Fresh calls have been made for police to tackle gangs of yobs plaguing Doncaster Interchange and its surrounding areas.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 11:18 am

Numerous residents have been reported being intimidated by groups of youths hanging around the bus station and the tunnels leading to it.

In recent weeks, police have been carrying out a number of operations in the area and targeted drug dealers in the area.

But people have called for more to be done, with one woman saying she feels scared walking through the tunnels, which lead from the station to the nearby B&M store.

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Residents say the tunnels have become a no-go area.

She said: “I have lived in Doncaster 32 years - in the last two to three years, Doncaster has been getting worse.

"There’s gangs of kids giving grief, harassing, threatening and being abusive, even hitting people.

"Even if you are an adult, they don't care. All you get from the police is ‘if you don't have a name there's not much they can do about it.’

"In all honesty I think there should be cameras in the tunnels – it’s one place that is not safe for anyone.

"It's so dangerous. I have kids with learning difficulties and I am always on edge because I have had to report quite a few times to the police and it still hasn't stopped.

"I'm hoping that we can make other parents aware what is going on in town. No kid should feel scared – every kid and every adult should be able to go somewhere without abuse threatening behaviour and getting hit.”

Earlier this month police revealed they had targeted cannabis smokers, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in the area.

A police spokesman said: “We cleared youths off from outside B&M stores and carried out a drug search with an adult male who we suspected of dealing to them.

"They had been shouting at people and smoking cannabis outside the store entrance.

“Don’t put up with groups of youths intimidating folk in public areas such as this.

"Lots of people thanked us and said they were avoiding the area due to the youths’ presence.

"Anti social behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated. The local neighbourhood police teams will deal robustly and ensure there are no,no go areas in town.”

Anyone wanting to report anti social behaviour should call 101.