Free trees available from The Woodland Trust

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Why not bring your community together and plant some trees?

The Woodland Trust has over 4,000 free tree packs to give away to schools, community and youth groups in autumn.

Those eligible must be able to meet the following criteria:

Your group is not-for-profit

The trees will be planted on a publicly accessible site

You have permission to plant from the legal landowner

Your community has been consulted and is supportive of the project

There will be plenty of community involvement

Packs are appropriate for the area

The intended planting site isn’t too close to buildings, power lines, roads or other services

You have identified the grid reference for the planting site

You are not applying from the Orkneys – If you are situated in the Orkneys and would like to apply, please email first so that we can offer you some tailored advice on the best species for your area.

Applications for autumn packs are due to remain open until September 4 2014 and successful applicants will receive their packs in November.

Visit for more details.