Free bingo in Doncaster

Playing bingo.
Playing bingo.

Bingo clubs in Doncaster are offering customers the chance to play free games this weekend as part of a bid to increase visitors to gaming halls.

Free games are being offered at Mecca Bingo on East Laith Gate and Gala at Wheatley Hall Retail Centre on Saturday and Sunday.

It is part of the Boost Bingo campaign, led by The Bingo Association, which calls on the government to bring tax on bingo in line with other popular leisure pursuits.

The organisation claims most other gambling activities are taxed at 15 per cent, but the bingo industry has been subjected to bingo duty at 20 per cent.

Nearly 400 bingo clubs across Britain will be taking part during the Boost Bingo launch weekend.

Sarah Whittaker, a bingo club manager in Doncaster, said: “Bingo is a much loved game in Doncaster and across the country and that’s why it’s so important for people to support the Boost Bingo campaign by coming down to play the Boost Bingo free games this weekend.”

“The unfair tax burden is putting financial pressures on clubs like mine, and preventing new investment, new jobs and new clubs. I’m urging customers to go to their bingo club this weekend, play the free bingo games, and sign our petition.”

Miles Baron, chief executive of The Bingo Association, said: “Reducing the tax on bingo will enable clubs to invest in their future.

“More investment means more jobs and more thriving bingo communities.

“If bingo duty is lowered from 20% to 15%, the industry as a whole has committed to substantial investment in new premises, modernisation and jobs.

“We hope that people across the country will come together for the launch of the Boost Bingo campaign this weekend.”