Former UKIP MEP blasted over 4-year-old's 'fake' pro-Brexit rant on Doncaster train

A former UKIP MEP has been blasted after claiming a four-year-old on a Doncaster train was applauded after delivering a pro-Brexit rant.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 11:11 am

Patrick O’Flynn, who is now a member of the SDP after defecting from UKIP, claimed that the youngster had stood up and blasted ‘southern snobs’ – and was applauded by the entire carriage as the train pulled into Doncaster.

Describing the incident on Twitter, he wrote: “On a train pulling into Doncaster. A 4-yr-old just got up and said: "This is Yorkshire and if any of you are southern snobs who believe in cancelling our Brexit votes then don't bother getting off here. The whole carriage stood up and applauded!”

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Patrick O'Flynn was blasted for claiming a 4-year-old had delivered an anti-Brexit rant on a train.

The tweet quickly went viral – but the politician, who was an MEP for the East of England between 2014 and 2019, was blasted for the tweet, which was derided as ‘fake news’ and ‘lies.’

One user, @Tingaling007 wrote “Liar O'Lieface” while @DavidHazie responded: “Yes and I was on the train home from work and unicorn got on the train and done massive s**** in the aisle.

“Yes this too is a story about something that didn't happen as well Pat.”

@dasvee wrote: “Poor non existent fantasy child,” while another, @KateWilton1 wrote: “I’m Northern and I have witnessed many 4 year olds and I can categorically say that’s fiction. It’s not even believable fiction.”

@miladyheleng tweeted: “More lies! I’ve taught 4 year olds. What will they think of next?”

And @nigeltheleftist added: “File under: Things that didn't happen,” while another user simply wrote: “Fake news.”

Before becoming involved in politics, O’Flynn was Chief Political Commentator and then Political Editor of the Daily Express.

After standing for UKIP as a candidate in Cambridge at the 2015 general election and a disappointing result he described then UKIP leader Nigel Farage as "snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive.”

He joined the SDP in November 2018, citing UKIP leader Gerard Batten's appointment of the far-right anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) as an adviser as a key reason for his departure from the party.

He said of his decision to join the SDP: "Like many on the communitarian wing of UKIP, I have decided to join the resurgent SDP, which campaigned for Brexit during the referendum and espouses broad and moderate pro-nation state political values that I – and I believe many of our voters from 2014 – will be delighted to endorse."