Former Doncaster mayor’s gift to sanctuary

Robert Grainger - Doncaster Councillor
Robert Grainger - Doncaster Councillor

A former Mayor of Doncaster is the man whose legacy has helped finance massive expansion at a Doncaster animal sanctuary, we can reveal.

The late Robert Vernon Carr Grainger, who died in October 2011, left Bawtry’s Mayflower Animal Sanctuary £50,000 in his will.

Mr Grainger, who was 85 when he died, was a former Labour ward councillor for Edlington and served as Mayor of Doncaster in 1977-78.

He was awarded the British Empire Medal by the Queen and during his council career commissioned a portrait of the Queen Mother for the Mansion House.

Mr Grainger, also a previous Mayor of Edlington, was a widower at the time of his death and had no family.

He requested no flowers or donations at his funeral.

His legacy will provide more than a third of the £180,000 funding needed to develop a new visitor reception and education centre alongside 12 new kennels to house animals in need on the Narrow Lane site.

Jennie Foxall-Lord, who established Mayflower 14 years ago, said; “We have a long way to go, and still need more offers of help.

“I would like to thank our hardworking fundraising and charity advocates.

“I cannot wait to see the finished article, it will be a godsend to my team and the animals in the region that need our care.”

This latest build follows the erection of a puppy and special needs block last year which has been helped the charity.