FOOD REVIEW: A taste of Italy in Sheffield city centre - for just £5.95

It's a cold and blustery winter's day in Sheffield, and sometimes a supermarket £3 meal deal just will not cut it.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 11:00 am
Italian Platter at Cafe Piazza.
Italian Platter at Cafe Piazza.

My friend and I decided to try out Cafe Piazza in Church Street, a stone’s throw from the city centre, and with the outside A-board advertising any pizza, pasta, pancakes or lasagne for just £5.95 between noon and 7pm, we couldn’t resist.

We enter at 12.30pm and already the restaurant, which offers Meditteranean and Italian food, is bustling with lunchtime diners.

Penne Arrabiata at Cafe Piazza.

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A young and friendly waiter finds us a table by the window so we can watch the world go by, and explains the specials on offer.

Not wanting to overface ourselves, having to head back to the office for the afternoon, we decided on a sharing platter to start.

This was a mixture of cured and cold meats, olives and bread, on a bed of mixed leaves, for just £5.95.

It was perfect. Just enough for us both, and leaving room for the main.

Carmine Filice, Arash Sansolaimani, Besim Krasniqi and Mario Galia at Cafe Piazza.

I opted for the Penne Tuna, penne pasta with tuna, olives, tomato sauce, fresh herbs and chilli.

It certainly had a kick to it, but was not overpowering, and I cleaned my plate.

My friend chose the Penne Arrabiata, a vegetarian dish with pasta in a spicy tomato sauce with fresh herbs.

This proved a little too spicy for her but she thoroughly enjoyed it, she just couldn’t manage all the sauce.

Penne Arrabiata at Cafe Piazza.

Service was quick, but not pushy, and the restaurant itself was warm and comfortable.

The only slight flaw was no change in cutlery from the starter for the main.

I’ve never known that before, but I’m sure if we’d asked they would have supplied new knives and forks.

So all in all a good place for lunch, and I would certainly recommend.

Carmine Filice, Arash Sansolaimani, Besim Krasniqi and Mario Galia at Cafe Piazza.

With two soft drinks, the total bill came to £21.75. What’s not to like about that?

Also on the Cafe Piazza menu are soups, sandwiches, salads, breads, appetisers, sides, there are a varity of chicken, fish, and meat dishes including lamb, pork and beef. If pizza is your thing there are plenty to choose from, including Calzone, a personal favourite.

The restaurant is licenced and there is a good selection of wines and beers, along with soft and hot drinks too, plus of course, a very tempting dessert menu.

So if you’re looking for something a little bit different for lunch then why not give Cafe Piazza a try? I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.