Focus on the region's retro past

We are always on the lookout for pictures from bygone days that can be featured in our nostalgia and retro sections.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 26 April, 2018, 09:11
A photo taken inside the John Collier tailors shop on St Sepulchregate, Doncaster. The Manager Mr Jack Harrod and his entire staff taken sometime during the late 50s early 60s. I am on this photo in the centre at the back and was at the shop maybe 2 years. I just thought some of your readers may be interested is seeing this, no doubt many will remember shopping there.

For example, we have an image sent to us by Irene Hetherington, showing her old school and dating from 1951-52 when she was about four years old. She said the school was then called Adwick Washington infants school. She thinks the school was demolished some years ago and the new school called Adwick Primary stands in the same area of Woodlands, just off Stafford Road, near Adwick Leisure Centre. She said she didn’t remember any names of her classmates. Perhaps someone could help. There are also other images here from bygone days that some of our readers may remember.

There are some of Coun Lorraine Crosby, Mayor of Stainforth, and her deputy, Coun.Arlene Abbott, examining enlargements of old photographs showing Stainforth’s origins. Please share memories with us. Readers are always interested in unearthing those photographic golden nuggets.

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