#FlyDSA: '˜Why we choose to fly from Doncaster Sheffield Airport...'

With Doncaster Sheffield Airport just 25 minutes from Sheffield city centre, is it really surprising that more people than ever before are choosing to fly from the region's local airport?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21st February 2017, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:36 am
Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells
Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

Last month, DSA announced its best year ever, with more than 1.2 million passengers travelling to 43 destinations.

Earlier this month, The Star launched its #FlyDSA campaign to promote Doncaster Sheffield Airport – to help the region fly.

We’re making it our mission to promote DSA, which opened in the region in 2005, as the first choice for millions of holidaymakers and businesses who, in turn, could pump billions into our own economy.

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With the new link road putting the commute to DSA, from Sheffield city centre, at just 25 minutes, we are keen to help banish the decades-old habits of travelling outside the region to catch a plane, and instead focus on attracting more investment and business to our own city, rather than continue to see it sent outside the region.

And word on The Star’s Facebook page is that this little airport is becoming a big contender in the world of travel, winning passengers over with its warmth, hospitality and ease of travel.

‘Do you choose to fly from Doncaster Sheffield Airport, over East Midlands or Manchester?’ we asked.

Lianne Asquith replied: “I have and would definitely do again. Was so quiet and much simpler than the other airports.”

Jodie Kingston said: “Lovely airport. So nice and small and when we have flown from there, we’ve parked right outside of the door. Flown to Corfu and Majorca. Defo recommend it and we always look to fly from there as our first choice.”

Chris Barker said: “We like Doncaster. We’ve used it twice. Flew to Lanzortte in 4 hours 15 mins. It small and more friendly. Easy to get to, only 30 mins from Barnsley. I’d fly from there again.”

Jai Lane said: “I’ve flown from Doncaster to Amsterdam, and also to Ireland. Nice and small so you can arrive quite late. You park right outside which is a massive bonus. Took us 40 minutes from ours in Barnsley with the new bypass.”

Tracy Epton said: “I’ve travelled from Doncaster once - it was great to have just a short drive to the airport and convenient parking so close. I’d definitely use again.”

Stephen Bedford: “I’d use Doncaster as a matter of choice over traipsing across the Snake to Manchester.”

Tony Humberstone said: “We always use Doncaster if we can. It’s never overcrowded and you can always find somewhere to sit. We can get to the airport in 30min so it’s so convenient. We never go to Manchester unless there’s no alternative, the journey over the woodhead is horrendous.”

Sinead Louise said: “Yes...I would use Doncaster over any of the others, as it’s more relaxing.”

Patrick Ramskill said: “Would love to use Doncaster for every holiday. Looking forward to using the airport in June when we go to Cyprus.”

Karen O’Halloran said: “Just booked from Doncaster to Lanzarote on 31st Aug for 7 nights, extra luggage allowance and taxi transfers for 360 quid each so not expensive and no we’re not sleeping in a tent.

“Easy to get to its like parking at Asda and completely hassle free no long trek to boarding gates etc. I would choose it every time.”

Car Wilsher said: “Yes we choose Doncaster every time if we can, with East Midlands second choice. 20 minutes from our house and straight through at the airport no stress.”

Mike Evans said: “Yes its closer to drive to. Car parking great. Takes two mins to walk from car to airport building. Much more modern than East Midlands, and Manchester is real maze, as well as awful journey. It’s Doncaster every time for me if the holiday flies from there.”

Donna M Marsden said: “I love Donny its a nice little aiport, not too busy and only half hours drive from home.”

Noël West said: “Not had a chance to fly from anywhere but Manchester yet. Considering Doncaster for an upcoming trip though.”

Dimitri Konstantinidis said: “Yes! Doncaster Sheffield is the best airport I have been to in the UK! Really easy to access by car and no queues or crowds!”

Jackie Stanley said: “We always go from Doncaster if possible - brilliant airport...and no queues or hastle - only small but got everything you need!”

Rosie Saville said: “If the planes are available for destination I’m going to, would always choose Doncaster Sheffield.”

Will Dowling said: “Very convenient from Doncaster and parking is nice and cheap compared.”

Liz Ralph: “More recently have been great Flybe flights from Doncaster.”

Sonia Wilson said: “Would definitely choose Doncaster if destination was available at the right price. Have travelled from there once and was very convenient.”

Thomas Fearn said: “If the price is right for the flight we would choose Doncaster Sheffield airport every time. It’s so quick and easy to get through and is only a half hour drive from my home.”

Rita Raynor said: “Love Doncaster airport.its a nightmare to get to Manchester.”

Angela Wheeler said: “I’d use Doncaster all the time if they did the KLM flight path I take regularly. Until then, I use Manchester.”

Sharon Proctor said: “Fantastic airport. Always our first choice.”

Tony Caddy said: “Donny every time, £49 return to Malaga and same for Alicante. From landing to getting in car is 15 mins, then 20 mins back to Sheffield.”

Kerry Mosley said: “Yes, absolutely, so convenient when travelling from Sheffield.”

Peter Tomlinson said: “It is a good airport but depends on availability and much preferred over EMA.”

Nic Slater sais: “Lovely little convenient airport if you can get the flight & destination. Too much hassle at Manchester & further away.”

Sarah Crutchley said: “Flew to Amsterdam from Doncaster, lovely airport, easy to get to, reasonable flight prices too, prefer it to Manchester.”

Carol Cooper said: “Lovely airport, near to Sheffield, only takes us 25 minutes to get there.”

Alison Bloodworth said: “Yes to Doncaster. So easy to drive to and home again after a long day travelling.”

Samantha Jayne Bann said: “We used donny in 2015 to go to Bulgaria. Same again this May, it’s nice and quiet, straight in no messing.”

Emma Kaur said: “My daughter & her bf fly to his parents in Portugal and fly from Doncaster Sheffield every time.”

David PK Smith said: “Doncaster is a great airport with easy access and parking. I have flown from there a few times.”

Liz Fearn said: “Can use my bus pass from Sheffield. It’s a great airport.”

Mark Epton said: “If I can, I do - it’s a much shorter drive and much less hassle to get to than Manchester!”

Julia Neo Baker said: “Yep because it’s 10 minutes away from our house.”

Julie Foster said: “Doncaster Sheffield is 20 mins from Rotherham not too busy.”

Susan Scarratt said: “Yes, excellent small airport, great parking, and very convenient.”

Patricia Roughneen said: “Much easier.”

John Marrison said: “Would love to fly from Doncaster. 30 minutes run from Sheffield. Would definitely use if they flew to the Canaries.”

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