Floods devastate homes in Doncaster after major storm

Torrential rain has left Doncaster homes ruined after floods devastated the properties.     Â

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 10:16 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 09:22 am
Flooding at Westminster Crescent, Intake, Doncaster

Some residents saw up to 12 inches of water in their homes as drains failed to cope with a deluge which struck the borough on Thursday evening.

Residents on Westminster Crescent, Intake, were forced to move their possessions upstairs as waters rose inside their homes, while some residents in the Westminter House high rise block were evacuated as the ground floor flooded.

Flooding at Westminster Crescent, Intake, Doncaster

Yorkshire Water delivered sandbags to residents, on Saturday, but by then the water had started to fall.

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Linda and Stuart Rutherford, of Westminster Crescent, were among those affected

LInda, 58,  said the house had previously flooded in 2007. This time she knew there was a problem when the water started to rise in the street.

'We could see the drains filling up and it was not stopping raining. Water had started coming out of them.

'We saw the road filling up,' she said. 'We started to take things upstairs at that point. We emptied the cupboards, but there was nothing we could do with the furniture.

'Initially we tried to sweep the water away from the house.

'Then the water seemed to be coming up out of the concrete floor. The carpet was raised so it was like walking on a waterbed. In 10 minutes there were eight inches of water.

The insurance company has started the process of drying the house. The carpets have been torn up. Stuart, aged 60, said they stank after the flooding.

Linda added: ''We have an elderly couple next door. who were also flooded. The woman was sobbing on our shoulders.'

Mum of two Ashley Andre, aged 29, also from Westminster Crescent, said the rain caused around six inches of flooding in her home, and had destroyed most of her two daughters toys.

'It is the first time we've gone through anything like this,' she said. 

She said when it become clear the house was flooding, she and husband Stephen, aged 32, took daughters Kelsey, three, and Khloe, one, round to their grandparents.

She said: 'I didn't want them to have to see all their toys swimming in the water..

'We're gutted. We have to wait for the house to dry out then start again from scratch. Kelsey wants to know why the house was full of water, but she's taken it all in her stride, and we managed to salvage a couple of toys.

'Most have been condemned buy the the insurance company because they were contaminated with drainwater.

'I think Yorkshire Water or the council need to sort the drains out.'

A few hundred yards away, water also devasated Westminster House flats, where homes on the ground floor were devastated.

Residents said three families on the ground floor were evacuated.

Emila Reszka, who lives on the on the sixth floor, said her partner returned from work the following day to find himself striding through water up to his knees to get inside.

She said: 'It was horrible and we were scared. It was a lot of water.'

Children including her seven year old son Sethan were kept off school the following day, because they could not get out of the building because of the high water on the ground floor.

Antony Hankinson had been at the block visiting his aunt. He said when he left he had to struggle through knee high water.

'The water was like a river coming towards the flats,' he said.

Yorkshire Water and Doncaster Council have been approached for comment.