Firm foundation laid for Montagu

An artist's impression of the new rehabilitation centre at Mexborough Montagu Hospital.
An artist's impression of the new rehabilitation centre at Mexborough Montagu Hospital.

Work to build a new £3m hospital unit at Mexborough Montagu Hospital that will transform the care of people recovering from serious illness is underway.

The rehabilitation unit is set to be the first of its kind in the UK, providing intensive therapeutic, medical and nursing care seven-days-a-week in an environment specially designed to promote recovery. It is based on a model that has proved very successful in the Netherlands and is set to be opened in July.

Dr Rod Kersh, clinical director of rehabilitation at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals, said: “This is a key milestone and it takes us one step closer to opening. Montagu is set to become a centre of excellence for rehabilitation care, helping seriously ill or injured people make the best possible recovery.”

In the second half of February, the construction company will begin building the steel framework that will form the core of the new unit, a process that should be complete by March.

The next stage will see the unit really start to take shape, as workmen clad the framework to construct the walls, install the windows, make the building watertight and fit out the interior, ready to be handed over to Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The hospital trust and the project team are keen to give residents, hospital staff and patients behind-the-scenes glimpses as the new unit starts to take shape, by releasing photos and film footage at key stages.

Developers Barnfield Construction Ltd was appointed to carry out the construction phase of the project. Tim Webber, managing director and chairman of the Barnfield Group, said: “The rehabilitation unit will deliver a much-needed service and we appreciate that this groundbreaking facility will be a pathfinder in this area of care.”