Fire safety tips

HUMBERSIDE Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) is urging chip lovers to throw away their pans to reduce the risks of kitchen fires.

In the last 12 months the service has attended 202 cooking-related fires, 49 of which were caused by chip pans.

Safety tips include not leaving pans unattended and advising people to take them off the heat if leaving the kitchen.

Ovens, hobs and grills should also be kept clean as a build up of fat and grease can catch fire. Saucepan handles should be turned so they do not stick out from the hob and electrical leads, tea towels and cloths should be kept away from the cooker.

Pete Baron, from HFRS, said: “I urge residents not to use traditional chip pans as they can very quickly over heat and catch fire.

“I would ask people to use oven chips or a deep fat fryer instead, they are much safer because they are thermostatically controlled which means they shouldn’t overheat.”