Field of grass set on fire near Doncaster

Five fire engines had to be sent to Tickhill, Doncaster, last night after flames swept across a field.

The area of land on fire off Meadow Drive from around 6pm was estimated at 90,000 sq metres, said a spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

The crop of tall elephant grass had been deliberately set alight.

The firefighters used hoses, beaters and water backpacks to put out the flames but it wasn’t until 9pm that the incident was closed.

There were no injuries and property was not under threat, said the spokesman.

Other crews also attended a woodland fire in Highfields yesterday afternoon.

A quantity of rubbish in woods near Coppice Road had been ignited and the crews also used water backpacks to put it out because it was some distance from the road.

A hedge in Cow House Lane, Armthorpe, was also deliberately set on fire just after 7pm yesterday.