Fears over false tweets on trouble

Police in Doncaster have hit out about tweets wrongly suggesting that the town had been hit by the unrest and disorder that is sweeping the country.

Twitter was busy on Tuesday night with people wrongly suggesting that areas had been hit by rioting, causing concern in some communities..

But South Yorkshire Police tweeted in response: “Rumours suggesting disorder in South Yorkshire are not true, are unhelpful and are causing unnecessary fear in our communities.”

They further added “Lots of inaccurate speculation at the moment - follow @syptweet for the latest details.”

The interactions on the media site continued till early in the morning when they wrote: “Thanks for all the feedback and support tonight. Let’s hope we can continue to work together to keep South Yorkshire safe. Sleep well.”

The force is urging people to follow the official account for South Yorkshire Police on Twitter @syptweet and not be misled by the hoax Twitter accounts that are being set up to mislead people and to stir up trouble.

Meanwhile, South Yorkshire Police, like other forces up and down the country, is on stand-by in case trouble should flare up and residents are being asked to play their part in keeping the area safe by looking out for signs of trouble that could spark unrest and report anything to police.

Officers from the South Yorkshire force have been sent to London, Nottingham and Manchester to provide support and back-up to colleagues in the riot-hit cities.