Family docs unveil plan

FAMILY doctors in Doncaster have set out their five top local healthcare priorities for the next five years.

As part of their ‘5x5’ plan, GP’s have pledged to focus on helping those with an alcohol problem into treatment, introduce better screening and earlier diagnosis for cancer patients and improve children’s health services.

Doctors will also provide more individual care opportunities for people with on-going healthcare problems and transform the way healthcare is delivered by bringing care closer to where people live, in some cases providing care in the community that has traditionally only been available in hospitals.

Their vision is set out in a document dubbed the Single Integrated Plan (SIP), which was unveiled at the Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (DCCG) meeting last week.

DCCG Chair, Dr Eric Kelly, said: “The plan outlines our priorities and the outcomes we expect to achieve in five years time, though we will be reviewing our progress every year.”