CONTROVERSIAL changes to plans to rebuild part of a fire-damaged factory have been given the go-ahead by councillors.

Pegler's Balby brass foundry was badly damaged in a blaze last July when lightning struck a tin roof.

The company, one of the town's biggest employers, was granted planning permission to rebuild a section of the factory on St Catherine's Avenue, Balby, last September.

But the company has now been given permission for changes to the original plans - which includes moving a large access door and changes to the size and position of windows on the St Catherine's side.

Residents of St Catherine's Avenue, who had protested against the original plan, filed 35 letters of objection to the changes.

The protests mainly concerned the use of the new door and disruption from construction works.

At Tuesday's Development Control Committee meeting, councillors agreed to the changes on the proviso that the new door would be used solely for heavy equipment to be installed and for maintenance but should not be used on a regular basis.

Restrictions were also imposed regarding the hours that building work could be carried out and the noise levels of machinery.

Balby councillor Mick Jameson requested that the company be asked to reroute its traffic through Balby Carr instead of over Carr Hill. Planning chief Ken Burley said that it could not be made a planning condition but assured Coun Jameson that the concerns would be discussed with the firm.

The work is due to be completed by the end of the summer.