'Eyesore' control room for Doncaster pumping station is approved by councillors

Councillors have unanimously approved a new control room surrounding two water towers in Doncaster.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 11:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 12:00 pm

Plans to erect a glass reinforced plastic enclosure at Cantley Water Pumping Station on Church Lane were passed by nine votes in favour with zero against.

The water towers provide drinking water to 15,000 homes across Doncaster and Yorkshire Water said the new structure was needed as the old control room was 'poor structural condition' with water leaking and concrete crumbling from the ceiling of the pump room.

The current control room is currently housed in the basement of one of the water towers.

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Councillors voted through the three metre high building despite objections from residents.

One homeowner said the structure would 'impact on green open space' while another said it would be an 'over intrusive eyesore'

Another objection raised the issue of 'possible vandalism', the 'impact on trees and bats in the area' and noise during construction.

Concerns were also raised about a 'lack of consultation' but a planning officer responded and said the objector lived 'several streets away' and was not consulted directly by letter.

Another resident raised concern about the view for neighbours at the rear of Goodison Boulevard.

Doncaster Council planning officer Tim Goodall, said: "Due to the risk above, it has been determined to act proactively and refurbish the mechanical and electrical components of Cantley WPS as well as relocating the motor control centre and other electrical components in a purpose-built glass reinforced plastic weather proof enclosure outside of water tower one.

"The proposed enclosure is considered to be a necessary improvement to local water infrastructure. Due to the operational nature of the site and the proposal itself and given constraints at the site including underground utilities it is considered that the proposal is acceptable without further landscaping as suggested by local residents."