Epworth crossroads campaign as HGV ploughs into house

Lorry crash on Burnham Road, Epworth.
Lorry crash on Burnham Road, Epworth.

A mother and daughter have relived the terrifying moment when a lorry ploughed into the lounge of their home.

Katherine Dyson and her daughter 19-year-old student daughter Lauren, were in the kitchen of their home in High Street, Epworth, when they thought an earthquake had struck.

They rushed outside to found a HGV ploughed into the side of the property at the junction of High Street and Burnham Road.

Mrs Dyson, 46, said: “There was a massive bang and impact and the house shook. It was a big shock and we just ran for the quickest exit that was the front door.

“I had only been back for 15 minutes, otherwise Lauren would have been alone.”

Police and four fire engines attended the scene and closed the crossroads for two hours.

Mrs Dyson added: “My husband Paul was in London. I rang him straight away. He was just pleased we were all right.

“If it had been later we might have been settled for the night. It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

The family which escaped unharmed is now pressing for safety measures at the crossroads after the property was also hit by a vehicle in another crash around four years ago.

Ironically, said Mrs Dyson, the lorry had been negotiating temporary lights while another home was being repaired from a road smash last year.

“The traffic is too heavy for the narrow junction. And if plans for a new supermarket in Epworth come to fruition it will get even worse. It’s a constant worry,” said Mrs Dyson.

The family spent 17 years slowly transforming their property, originally a house and shop, in to their ideal home and are heartbroken that their project has been shattered.

“The weight of the lorry did the damage. It was carrying graphite roof tiles and was fully laden.”

The Dysons have approached Epworth town councillors about their concerns.

“We feel we need protection,” said Mrs Dyson. “There are so many near misses. This needs serious discussion at town council and beyond about the make-up of the junction.

“The police and fire service were fantastic. They were here quickly and I couldn’t praise them enough.”

The crash happened on July 23.