Youths stamp on efforts to clean up Crowle

Crowle Town Council is seeking support in sprucing up the town prior to judging of the Best Kept Town competition.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 19th July 2014, 11:00 am
Community event.
Community event.

The move comes after complaints about the state of some streets by residents and a long-running issue over vandalism in Market Place.

At this month’s town council meeting, the ongoing problem of youths destroying plants, upsetting residents and playing football in public areas and across central roads was discussed.

The local safer neighbourhoods team is involved, and it was agreed to invite a representative to update councillors about the situation at the next meeting.

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Coun Gary Da Costa suggested that the walls used by groups of youths to sit on in the Market Place could have angled bricks placed on top to discourage loitering.

Councillors heard that the culprit who filled the water fountain with washing up liquid recently was caught on CCTV and has been identified.

But Coun Eric Dinsdale warned there could be a fatality if youngsters are not stopped from dashing after balls and on to the road. A suggestion that railings could be placed by the A161 may not be a good idea, said Coun Trevor Barker, as kids may jump them to run on the road.

Coun Julie Reed added that new railings by the road are not a current option with North Lincolnshire Council. Younger children need more safety awareness, she said, and police involvement is necessary for older youths who cause disruption and intimidate people.

Town Mayor Coun Ron Stewart said no immediate solution to the issues are apparent but a plan could hopefully be formed following a briefing from the safer neighbourhoods team at the beginning of August.