'We need action before a child is killed on road near our kids' Doncaster school'

Worried mums are campaigning for road safety measures near two Doncaster schools, amid fears for their children’s lives.

By David Kessen
Thursday, 26th March 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th March 2020, 12:01 pm

Dozens have already signed an online petition which has been set up to try to move Doncaster Council to take action near one of the crossings on Warmsworth Road.

The concerns are around the crossing at the traffic lights on Warmsworth Road, next to the junction with Bungalow Road, and close to the MyDentist dental surgery. It is close to both Waverley Academy and Mallard Primary School, amid concerns over the speed that some drivers travel at that point on the road, and concerns about the number of incidents that happen on the road, which is one of the main routes into Doncaster

The petition has been set up my mum-of five, Amy Dawson, whose children use the crossing, and who wants to see signs put up warning motorists that they are close to schools.

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The Pelican Crossing on Warmsworth Road (A630) by Douglas Road, Balby.

She said: “Balby Road and Warmsworth Road In Balby is a main road with traffic lights but on either side of the road there two primary schools - Waverley Academy and Mallard Primary School. There are children using that crossing either on their own or with friends and parents, primary and secondary school age.

“There are no signs stating that there are schools close by, and there have been many accidents involving children on this road. The traffic lights don’t always work due to technical issues and drivers seem to think Balby Road is their own drag race strip and this is very dangerous.

“As a mother to five children I feel very strongly about this cause. Drivers need to know there are schools close by and that they can’t drive how they like.

“I am doing this petition to get school signs put up by Doncaster council before it’s too late and there is a fatality involving school children. As a mother it’s awful seeing and hearing about the accidents that happen.”

Amy Dawson pictured with her five children

Log onto http://chng.it/7w7DmjPfmz or click here to support the online petition.

Doncaster Council has been contacted and said it was currently unable to comment.