Turbary Road issue sparks special meeting

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NEWS: News.

An extraordinary meeting of Epworth Town Council has been called in a bid to settle the long-standing issue of Turbary Road.

At this month’s town council meeting, Turbary Road resident Graham Milnes spoke as a representative of a working group that was set up in a bid to improve the condition of the road in 2009.

He said he was aware that quotes were being sought for work to be carried out to improve the potholed road but added: “The road is a danger to both drivers and walkers and desperately needs doing.”

The scraping and levelling of potholes, as currently proposed, is not wanted by residents, he said, as scalpings just raise the level of the road and are not a long term solution. Money was set aside in the precept for work to be done, he added, but was not carried out as the town council needed confirmation of who was responsible for the road. When asphalting was proposed as an option, North Lincolnshire Council said this would not be suitable for walkers using the footpath.

He requested confirmation that the town council would not object to an independent barrister being approached for further advice.

It was felt that there was a conflict of interest, and an extraordinary meeting devoted to the Turbary Road issue was proposed by Graham Wilson and seconded by Bob Fish, then carried by a vote.

Mr Wilson said: “One meeting could settle this once and for all, after which we can send proposals in to North Lincolnshire Council.”

Action on the road that suffers from pits and holes on its rough surface has been a controversial topic for several years, due to the issue of responsibility for both road and footpath between councils.