Horse shows could be heading for a fall

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RESIDENTS of a quiet street in Tickhill, near Doncaster, are keeping their fingers crossed that they have won their battle to stop horse- jumping shows ruining their weekends.

Councillors attending tomorrow’s meeting of Doncaster Council’s planning committee are being recommended to refuse an application to change the use of agricultural land off Lancaster Crescent to equine use.

The planners have also rejected the possibility of a relocatable building being put on the site as a scoring office and first aid station because it would look too ‘industrial’ in a green belt setting.

If councillors accept the recommendation, it will be the latest chapter in a long-running saga involving Lancaster Crescent residents on one side and members of Maltby and District Riding Club on the other side of the fence.

There was fierce opposition from householders when the club was granted temporary permission for show jumping events between May and September but that has since expired.

The club is still allowed to use the field for 28 days a year without planning consent, but planning officers have noted that the jumps have been left in position throughout this summer.

In the meantime council officers have carried out site investigations to see what problems are caused by the horse shows, which are mostly on Sundays.

The biggest concern of residents is the volume of traffic with the arrival of horse boxes, trucks and cars down the crescent to gain access to the field, as well as noise from the tannoy, and manure smells.

Council officers observed that vehicles arrive from 7.30am.

They range in number from 15 to 44 vehicles.

“Occasionally these vehicles are parked on Lancaster Crescent and horses are boxed and unboxed on the road encroaching onto front gardens.

“Apart from the occasional farm vehicle there is no other traffic other than that generated by residents,” said planning officer Donna Hunston.

She recommends refusal because the comings and going detract from residential amenity.