Haxey Hood event fears quashed

The mess left in a field in Haxey.
The mess left in a field in Haxey.

Fears that the future of the Isle’s Haxey Hood contest may be in jeopardy, due to the state of the field on which it takes place, have been dismissed.

Community concern about rubble and piles of earth on the field off Upperthorpe Hill, and that the land might be earmarked to become a brownfield site in the future, has no foundation, claims the land owner.

Neil Ball, who lives at Haxey, said: “There is no need for anyone to worry about the future of this field or that the Haxey Hood will continue to be allowed to play out on it in future years...for ever and ever amen.

“The field has been in my ownership for 23 years and I have always been happy for the Hood to take place there. There are no other plans for that land. I have even always said that if the field should be sold at some point it would be included in the contract that it must continue as a site for the Haxey Hood each year.”

There have been issues with people dumping material on the field, he said, but this has always been removed quite quickly.

A previous outcry arose when the field was being used by quad bikes and bunding was placed at the request of North Lincolnshire Council to mark the boundary between field and road. This activity has now ceased.

Coun Dave Knowles of Haxey Parish Council said Humberside police attended the last parish council meeting after concern from the community that safety issues were under review at the Hood field.

He said: “They made a statement to say that they are quite happy with the way the event was run this year and there is nothing that would cause them to withdraw their support.”w