Flats tenants join the green box revolution

RESIDENTS living in council flats can now go green at last.

Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes are working in partnership to enable people living in flats to recycle for the first time, with the new service starting this week for 3,500 tenants.

They can now recycle paper, card, plastic bottles and cans using special bins at the bottom of blocks of flats.

Roger Haldenby, secretary of the high-rise TARA and vice-chair of the St Leger board, who lives in Lonsdale House, said: “It’s a great idea as I’ve been wanting to recycle for some time.

“I used to live in America where they take recycling very seriously so I’ve seen first hand how beneficial it can be.

“We all need to change our habits to make life easier for future generations. I am going to be encouraging my fellow tenants to embrace the new system and get into it.”

Coun Mark Thompson, cabinet member for environment services, said: “Sending waste to landfill is not an option any longer. It costs millions of pounds in charges and we are running out of space. I want everyone to recycle and play their part in making Doncaster an even better place to live.”