Fines handed out for littering Doncaster streets

Put you litter in the bin
Put you litter in the bin

Littering the streets of Doncaster has landed 28 people in court this month.

In the first three weeks of April, 28 people were convicted of littering offences at Doncaster Magistrates Court and ordered to pay up to £382 each in fines and court costs.

Doncaster Council is reminding residents that the fine for dropping litter has now increased to £80 and additional penalties will be incurred if people fail to pay when caught littering.

Peter Dale, director of regeneration and environment at the council, said: “People are reminded that dropping litter on the streets of Doncaster is not acceptable and we will continue to prosecute people who fail to pay the initial fixed penalty. There is no excuse and we will take action against anyone caught littering the borough.”