Dont let the Isle run dry - use water wisely

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Isle residents have been asked to be extra careful about using water to avoid shortages as the Summer heatwave continues.

Severn Trent Water reported a ‘dramatic’ increase in demand for water over the weekend as temperature soared.

And, with the hot weather set to continue, the company is asking customers on the Isle to follow some simple water saving tips.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager for Severn Trent Water, said: “It’s been incredibly hot lately and it looks set to stay that way for the next week or so.

“When the weather gets hotter water use always increase so we have to be extra careful how we use it.

“In the Severn Trent region we already have some of the most water efficient customers in the country.

“On average they use less than 130 litres per day, and so we’re asking all our customers to remember their great water saving habits.

“For example, take a shorter, cool shower, turn taps off and of course be careful about the water you use in the garden.

“Established lawns and grassed areas generally do not need watering to survive in a dry spell.

“I know it can be tempting to water the garden, but a garden hose can use more water in an hour than a family normally use in two days.

“Using a watering can to water plants and getting the water as close to the roots as possible in the evening time helps to reduce evaporation in the midday sun.

She added: “We recognise that as a water company we must have plans in place to make sure we can cope with supply and demand whatever the weather.

“But it’s important that we all take steps to make sure with are careful with what we use, particularly when it’s hot.”