Dearne UFO sightings finally revealed to all

Fireworks display
Fireworks display

Reports of a ‘piercing light at Mexborough’ and of a ‘circular, metallic’ object circling the sky above Rawmarsh are revealed within South Yorkshire’s X Files.

Sightings of the ‘circular, but not round’ UFO in June 2009 are recorded in the Ministry of Defence logs of ‘UFO’ sightings, recently released by the National Archives.

And whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life or not, the incident reports can seem quite disturbing.

The Rawmarsh caller told the RAF High Wycombe crew it was like ‘nothing they had seen before’ and that the object ‘shot down several times’ in the area.

On the same night, a keen-eyed witness emailed the RAF base after spotting what they also thought was a UFO in Ravenfield.

Other sightings included a light moving in the sky at night over Mexborough in 2007.

South Yorkshire Police passed a witness statement on to the MOD after a couple walking a dog spotted a ‘luminous piercing light shooting sprays of light’.

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