April Fool: Salmon diet turns Yorkshire Wildlife Park polar bears PINK

One of the pink polar bears
One of the pink polar bears

Some Photoshop skills helped Yorkshire Wildlife Park put its April Fool's Day joke together this year.

The story about pink polar bears proved a hit with readers, but it also carries a serious message about climate change. Read it in full below.


Puzzled South Yorkshire wildlife rangers have blamed a new salmon diet for turning their polar bears pink.

The white fur of the bears at Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster took on a new hue a few weeks ago, mystifying their carers.

“It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” said shocked visitor Mr Gorbuscha.

Carnivore team leader Kim Wilkins said her team had been stumped by the colour change – but then the penny dropped.

“A few weeks ago we had a large donation of salmon and had to use it up before it went off. The polar bears got the majority of it,” said Ms Wilkins.

And collections manager Simon Marsh added: “The bears have now returned to their original white colour and we strictly ration the salmon now.

“Polar bears are under threat in the wild from the effects of climate change, their Arctic habitat is melting due to raising global temperatures.

"We all need to reduce our carbon emissions to create a healthy environment for us and the polar bears”.

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