Another waste site for Dearne?

PLANS for a second super-sized waste plant in the Dearne Valley - that could be a gasification unit - are on the drawing board.

AS a planning application is prepared for the proposed waste unit at Manvers, it is possible that a second such application could follow, for a development at Houghton Main.

Peel Environmental is in talks with UK Coal about a potential anaerobic digestion plant (similar to the current Manvers proposal), or a waste gasification unit on the old colliery site.

Houghton Main is one of several locations deemed suitable for such use under an agreement signed off recently between Peel and UK Coal, that gives them the option to “take the sites forward”.

But it is the only proposed site within South Yorkshire.

Eddie Peat, Director of UK Coal’s Harworth Estates said this week that they were still “evaluating options” for Houghton Main.

He said: “We have a number of issues and options in relation to that and other sites. This is one site within our portfolio and there is nothing imminent at this point. There are a lot of issues to consider, and once a final decision is made there will be consultations carried out locally”.

But Mr Peat confirmed that they were still looking at “either gasification or anaerobic digestion plants as options”.

They are working with a number of partners, he added, and will be taking advice from planning and other consultants.

The day to day running of the waste SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) would be by a management committee, with representatives from the relevant Group entity and Peel Holdings.

But the entire joint venture is subject to shareholder approval.

Houghton Main, and the additional ten potential sites for waste-to-energy plants, were found unsuitable for other kinds of development.

In a consultation exercise carried out for the proposed Manvers waste plant in recent weeks, traffic issues were listed as the main source of concern.