All is not well as water dries up in Conisbrough

A historic well which has inspired a folklore legend in Conisbrough for centuries has mysteriously dried up.

Water has flowed from a spring at The Holy Well for hundreds of years, but volunteers who look after it were left scratching their heads after it suddenly stopped.

Volunteer Chas Prouten at the dried up Holy Well, Sheffield Road, Conisbrough.

Volunteer Chas Prouten at the dried up Holy Well, Sheffield Road, Conisbrough.

The ancient well on Sheffield Road is one of two in the village. It is part of the Conisbrough tourist trail and was re-dedicated in a religious ceremony in 2003.

Until recently it was refilled by an underground source and was once used by local brewers the Nicholson’s Brothers to brew their ales. The En tour group who voluntary cared for the well over the last few years, are baffled by the lack of water.

Chaz Prouten, 83 said: “All of a sudden the well has dried up and it is still not flowing. We can still hear the water underground but it doesn’t flow into the well. We wondered if something has been done to divert it.

A plaque placed on the site by the Conisbrough and Denaby Festival Committee tells the story of the well. It says: “According to legend after two years of drought the population was so desperate for water they were dying. A holy man came and the people in procession came to this site with the holy man, who struck the ground and water erupted showering the villagers.

“1320 and 1321 were extremely hot and dry years and this may be the date of the legend.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We would have no responsibility for a spring, brook, land drainage etcetera.

“It may well have been blocked but we would not have done this or have any idea who would have.”