Efforts to cut bad behaviour boosted

A CRACKDOWN on anti-social behaviour blighting Doncaster’s neighbourhoods has received a £80,000 funding boost.

St Leger Homes, the organisation which manages around 21,000 properties on behalf of Doncaster Council, is stumping up the cash for initiatives stopping unruly yobs terrorising the borough.

Residents living on council estates have been given a hands-on opportunity to help improve behaviour in their communities.

It is the latest attempt by the authority to clean up Doncaster’s neighbourhoods after two other schemes were recently launched.

Nearly 1,000 young louts were sent warning letters about improving their behaviour or face court, while council and police officers have been given powers to ban gangs from hanging around the Wheatley Park estate for six months.

Money for the new initiative has been made available by St Leger Homes’ Estate Improvement Fund. Bids can be submitted by individuals, or groups of tenants, who want to tackle a particular issue.

Frank Protheroe, chair of the Estate Improvement Fund, said: “The theme for this year’s fund is tackling anti-social behaviour and we will be considering larger projects where it can be demonstrated that there will be benefits to the communities they serve.

“Each suggestion will be considered on its individual merits.”

Applications will be considered by a panel of tenants and St Leger Homes staff and the winning bids are set to be announced later this year. Deadline is June 24.

Anyone needing advice about their idea, or help completing the application form sent out to tenants this month, should contact the firm’s neighbourhood housing manager Dave Wilkinson on 01302 736537 or email dave.wilkinson@stlegerhomes.co.uk

Applications should be returned to St Leger Homes head office in White Rose Way.