Youth service row comes to a head

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A petition with over 2,000 signatures against planned changes to youth services in the Isle, has been handed in to North Lincolnshire Council.

And the force of feeling from people across the region who felt a full consultation had not been executed, is set to see the whole issue re-debated.

The controversial scheme would see individual organisations take over youth services from North Lincolnshire Council, with over 70 jobs on the line.

The Council claims young people could benefit from more investment in to activities. But people have railed against what would be a resulting loss of experienced youth workers, and a system seen to be operating well.

West Butterwick resident Ian Sharp opened the petition that asks for a complete re-think on the proposals, and much wider consultation. He also asked for clarity on current proposals and exactly how they would impact on each individual area,

A petition with 1,500 signatures triggers the possibility of a full council meeting to re-evaluate options. There were 698 signatures on an online petition against the changes, and over 1,300 on paper, handed to democratic services within the council last week.

At a recent Epworth Town Council meeting Mr Sharp accused Coun Rob Waltham of “chucking” the service in to unknown hands. But Coun Waltham stuck to his guns by saying that in North Lincolnshire the youth service was accessed by only a small proportion of the people it should be involving, and he wanted to change that.