This is what language more than a quarter of Yorkshire parents would rather their children were taught

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More than a quarter of parents in Yorkshire would like their children to learn Chinese, according to a new study.

A survey has found that 27.7 per cent of mums and dads would prefer their children to learn to speak Chinese over Spanish, French, German and Russian.

The survey of 2,200 parents across the country was conducted by outdoor office building supplier Modular Classrooms.

As well as asking parents what they would like their children to be taught, the survey also asked them to give their views on which subjects are outdated.

Over a third of Brits, (39 per cent), said Latin should be removed from the syllabus because it is considered a dead language, even though it’s the basis for widely spoken languages such as Spanish, and Italian.

More than 60 per cent of mums and dads, (62.8 per cent), also said they would prefer it if their children were taught more practical skills at school which could prepare them better for the modern world, such as coding and personal finance management.

In what is perhaps a sign of the times, 11.2 per cent said they were in favour of swapping traditional textbooks for iPads or tablets, nine per cent said whiteboards and blackboards were no longer necessary; and 4.9 per cent wanted to lose notebooks too.

The majority of parents, (80.5 per cent) said they believed that children should have more access to nature at school too.

Parents also gave their views on school testing methods, with only 21.1 per cent of mums and dads across the country believing that end-of-year exams were the best way to test pupils. Instead, 62.7 per cent said they thought that a combination of coursework and exams throughout the year would be better for their children and give a fairer indication of their academic ability.

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